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Solutions Architect

Our solution architects specialize in evaluating business requirements to create a process, product or service as a solution. They are not only responsible for identifying the solution and leading the technical vision, but also working with the larger team to implement the new technology. 

  • Guiding cross functional teams during design and build phases

  • Translate design concepts to actionable deliverables

  • Ensure concerns are accounted for and risks have mitigation plan

  • Ensure deliverables align to necessary requirements

Delivery Manager

A delivery manager is accountable for the performance of a team engaged in delivering digital products or services. 

  • Build and maintain teams, ensuring they are engaged, aligned and operating effectively

  • Identify blocks, risks and issues and is accountable for the mitigation efforts

  • Focuses the team on what is most important to the delivery of products and services

  • Provides transparency of progress towards outcomes

Product Manager

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Internship Program

The Techabo Internship Program aims to employ people between 18-21, in working on client accounts as contracted Data Analyst focused on duties related to updated product data in Salsify’s ProductXM. Most of our clients are using the ProductXM as their Product Information Management (PIM) system ingesting data from suppliers/manufacturers to enhance products for digital marketing. The outcome is to give practical experience in general digital commerce principles while specifically focusing on PIM to allow candidates to be ‘job ready’ at the end of 6-12 months. Interns will be paid for the work they put in and will have the opportunity for roles within Techabo based on performance.

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