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From Techabo Intern to Lead Analyst

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

In November of 2021, after graduating from Salisbury University with a major in Economics and minor in Finance, I was very thankful to intern with Techabo focusing on product data management. During my internship, Techabo provided me with a hands-on learning experience, allowing me to work on real world projects and situations with real clients. They also supported and encouraged me to have autonomy over my work, encouraging me to think first then ask questions later. For example, if I was assigned a project, I was given the opportunity to research and figure it out on my own, and then we discussed questions and challenges along the way.

I’m happy to say that following my internship, I am now a full-time Lead Analyst with the

Techabo team. After becoming a full-time employee, I see how much I’ve benefitted from the

learning methods taught during my internship, and I believe this has allowed me to become

more knowledgeable and has given me the confidence to think for myself. I am beyond blessed

for this opportunity with Techabo and am excited and looking forward to building a future with

the Techabo team.

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