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Our Process

Whether you’re building a digital commerce site from the ground up, or re-thinking an existing digital experience, our process provides the technical, strategic, and hands-on support you need to build a successful digital initiative.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Step 01

​Understanding where you are today as input into where you’re going tomorrow is vital in ensuring success in any major digital enterprise. At Techabo, we quickly and  efficiently assess your digital landscape and evaluate your current strategies and processes. We ask the right questions of the right people, take the time to get to know your team, and make no assumptions—we learn everything we can in order to develop relevant, effective strategies to accelerate your business.

  • Digital and organizational strategy development 

  • RFP development and response

  • Architecture, system, and process audits

  • Methodology evaluation and coaching​

Step 02

The two most important factors to a well-developed plan are feasibility and flexibility. At Techabo, we have collaborated with clients to outline approaches from small to large-scale initiatives with constantly changing requirements. Our agile approach of constant and adaptable planning has allowed us to consistently meet the needs of our clients, regardless of the magnitude of the project.

  • Organizational and product roadmap development

  • Program structure and planning

  • Detailed project planning

  • Risk assessment, budget, and change management planning​

Work Colleagues

Step 03

By sharing the workload, and working side-by-side, we integrate with your team to ensure delivery of shared goals.

  • Regular cross functional readout on progress

  • Stakeholder demos of feature development

  • Adjust to changing requirements

  • Technical documentation of deliverables

  • User documentation for change management

Step 04

Successful digital transformation doesn’t end upon implementation.  It is a constant process of observation, adaptation, and execution.  At Techabo, we partner with our
clients to provide strategy and guidance after successful implementation for continued improvement.

  • Establishment of organizational and program/project KPI’s

  • Development of tools, processes, and approaches for monitoring post go-live success

  • Recommendations on new projects to improve upon customer experiences or improve efficiency

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