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Product Manager vs Delivery Manager

Updated: May 16, 2023

Several roles become instrumental as focus on the digital shelf grows, but two standout for the impacts they have in building a strong foundation for success of others.


The term product manager is used to describe an essential set of skills who is concerned with catalyzing strategic outcomes into the features and functions that set the foundation for the consumer experience

  • Vision that focuses on building and maintaining strong consumer connection

  • Directions towards the desired outcomes in the form of requirements

  • Maintains focus on gaps between actual consumer experience and desired outcomes


The term delivery manager is used to describe an essential set of skills on a team who is concerned with enabling team(s) to deliver value effectively.

  • Tools and frameworks customized to achieve the collaboration to build solutions

  • Remove obstacles and blockers that produce waste and inhibit self management

  • Focus on hyper transparency through the product life cycle to unlock the power of change


Clear differences exists between the role of a delivery manager and that of a product manager.

Delivery Manager

Product Manager

Focuses on HOW the value is delivered

Focus on WHAT the value is

Internally focused on ways of working

Externally focused on consumer experience

Focused on measuring progress through lens of team’s purpose and outcomes

Focused on measuring progress through consumer lens and perceived value

Uses team metrics as a guide towards maturation and process improvement

Uses channel metrics as a guide towards building roadmaps

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