What is salsify?

Salsify is a Product Experience Management system that helps brands and retailers win on the digital shelf. Allowing you to manage product content, data, and other rich media assets across all channels, Salsify delivers an optimized consumer experience while giving your team actionable, data-driven insights.

At Techabo we offer services to help your team understand, implement, and manage Salsify to ensure your customers have an optimized experience they want to come back to.

Salsify Partnership

Techabo is a trusted Salsify partner and offers an extensive range of services for its renowned digital platform.

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Just getting started with Salsify? We’ve got you covered.

Every Techabo implementation specialist holds several Salsify certifications and our team is highly experienced at successfully implementing clients large and small. We work side-by-side with your team to understand your product information, syndication, and customer needs. Through our time-tested delivery management process, we then develop a customized roadmap and implementation plan to successfully meet your goals.

Business Plan

Discovery and Planning

Techabo will work with your digital commerce team and external partners to understand your current workflows, systems, product information and downstream syndications to develop a clear, well-defined plan for your organization.

Shared Desk


Our consultants will integrate with your team, allowing us to collaborate and build attainable objectives and milestones, ensuring a smooth delivery of shared goals.

Our team will partner with you to:

  • Identify sources of product information and prepare the product information

  • Build a data model that is right for your organization

  • Import product information

  • Configure catalogs for internal and external audiences

  • Build channels and the necessary data transformations required for your customer endpoints

  • Implement Enhanced Content, Orders & Inventory, and other Salsify services

  • Develop processes and workflows around your implementation

Business Video Call


Techabo’s team can help supplement Salsify trainings and develop documentation specific to your implementation, instilling confidence in your team and stakeholders.

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transition to sustainment

Implementation may be over, but long-term success requires a long-term strategy. Techabo will help transition your organization from initial implementation to long-term optimization with the Salsify platform

salsify managed

Techabo is happy to offer managed services for teams who need assistance with daily management of their Salsify instance. Whether you’re seeking long-term or short-term services, our team of dedicated certified resources can help provide the extra support your team needs.

what are managed services?

  • Daily maintenance of your Salsify instance

  • Ongoing monitoring and gap analysis

  • Support services for your team

  • Fixed number of hours of product information and syndication services (number of hours customizable based on your organization’s needs)

  • Access to expert recommendations and resources

why subscribe to managed Services?

  • Gain access to our team of industry experts who can optimize your Salsify experience

  • Expand your institutional knowledge of your Salsify instance

  • Reduce risk related to staff turnover

  • Quickly add on additional Salsify services for seasonal tasks, new channel creation, redesigns, or other needs

  • Ensure your team is getting the most value out of Salsify

additional Services

  • Data model/Salsify property services

  • Data consumption services

  • Product information clean-up/preparation services

  • Digital asset import services

  • Catalog creation

  • New channel setup (readiness report mapping or custom channel templates)

  • Additional support, training, or documentation for your team

  • Workflow creation

  • Enhanced Content Strategy

  • Orders & Inventory

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“We wanted to partner with a trusted, industry-leader who continues to create the new standard in digital ecosystems. Working with Salsify provides our customers with the reassurance that they are getting a flexible platform that will meet their needs as their business grows.” – Marcus Penny, Techabo CEO

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